Community Reviews

"This is server mastery at its finest. Once you join this server you’ll never look back. For starters, there are just so many things to do that you can never get bored. There are many chat channels and voice channels and they are all organized properly. You can navigate through this server with ease. There is also a countless number of bots to get you through with lots of fun commands. Now for the community part let me just say that this is one of the most warm welcoming places to socialize in. The staff, the members and pretty much everyone in this community are all kind and good hearted. They are all respectful and open minded. No matter who you are, what you are or where you come from you will be fully honored and welcomed. It is very easy and common to make new friends here and meet new people all the time. And finally, this server is full of wide range of topics and events that most people will find interesting. Overall, this server is like a perfectly polished shiny diamond. Never had a bad experience and have been enjoying this social server. Ever since I joined I’ve been tons happier and made lots of new great friends. "

Vishav Arora

Toronto, Canada

"For starters, I never really expected myself to be active at all in the server; It would just be one of those other server I'd move down. But then, after a month of so, I found myself talking each and everyday. The community is great, the staff are also great, and the server is too! 10/10 <3 "


Ontario, Canada

"When I first joined, I was unsure of if I should speak or not. I'm glad I decided to be active because I'm now part of a great community and I greatly recommend everyone to be active and maybe even shoot for a staff role! The staff team is great (except for Baga) and they're always happy to help."


San Jose, CA, United States

"When I joined Your Social Hub I was greeted with a giant welcoming community of Digital Designers, Gamers, and Memers. I'm glad I stuck around because I met some of my closest friends from Your Social Hub."


New York, NY, United States

"I have been in YourSocialHub for a while now, IT'S THE BEST! The community is nice and very organised same for the roles! I enjoy it so much. All the people are very kind. If you want friends, I recommend you to join YourSocialHub! "


Mauritius , Africa

"People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy, talking about YourSocialHub and freaking it in the Penthouse."


Miami Beach, FL, United States

"YSH is a amazing server. You can create new friendships and the staff team is great too! YSH is a great community to join."


NY, United States

"Your Social Hub is a very chill, comfortable, and enjoyable place to chat with other people from across the world!"


Alberta, Canada

"Great community, cool staff ,and always up to date."


NY, United States

"YourSocialHub is the best of the bestest things."


Syndney, Australia

"Active channels, great staff, and several bots!


Savannah, GA, United States

"Your Social Hub is a great server in helping and it has the best staff team ever~! YSH helped me reach out to help others, which before I didn’t want to help people, but now I can do whatever I want freely~!"

Hadley Spear

[Location not provided]

"For some reason even though I'm not that active (all this talk seems like gibberish to my un-knowledgeable mind) people still talk to me so... friendly server yay!"

Sophie Quidone

[Location not provided]

"YSH is a great server with a lot of great people, and if you’re lonely like me you’ll enjoy it here (;"


[Location not provided]

"Really friendly community and its an amazing server to meet new people"


[Location not provided]

"YSH has active staff members and nice members!"

Brynn Nicole Orlando

[Location not provided]