YourSocialHub is an online community based on multiple platforms that include DiscordApp, Steam, Reddit, YouTube and more. Our online community's purpose is to help connect users from one to another to help build friendships. Since 2012 under multiple names; YourSocialHub has connected over 35 thousand users. We strive to continue connecting users to build friendships, memories, and more. In the future, we plan to open a social networking site under our name to help continue building friendships and memories, but with user-privacy and user-safety as our building foundation. Our main focus right now is to expand from just DiscordApp and grow our community as a whole at a steady pace. We currently do have a full-on mobile app that will first launch onto the iOS App Store, and then onto the Android Google Play store. We do plan to have a dedicated app for macOS and Windows 10 in the future as well. We also do have many other side projects in the works but we'll keep those secrets for now and surprises for later. If you can, please do invite your friends and family to join any and all of our communities to help us expand and grow. YourSocialHub, since 2012. Connecting you to the people you love by making it easier to connect to one another while keeping your privacy and data in mind. YourSocialHub, join now!